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Official Book Launch for She's A Technology Sales Executive and She's My Mom

Today is the day that everyone's favorite children's book, She's a Technology Sales Executive and She's My Mom about STEM Mom extraordinaire, Ashley Quinto Powell, hits virtual bookshelves worldwide! It's been such a hoot working on this book and it's only been pure joy. I'm so excited that this is the first time that everyone will be able to take a peek inside.

I would so appreciate it if you bought my book ... right now. Like, RIGHT now. Like get online and google that sucker.  And when you do and after you've received it, I would really REALLY appreciate it if you left the book an online review. That's how the world works these days so it would be awesome if you can help me out with that. The major US online retailers who are carrying the book are Amazon and Barnes&Noble.  Check them out!

Then after you've read it, if you want an A+, it would be awesome if you could tell your friends about it! With your voice and with your fingers (on a keyboard for heaven's sake!) will do just fine.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the book!

Jennifer Javornik