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September 30th is The Official(ish) Book Launch Date!

I was so overcome with emotion on Monday when I announced the book and book launch party to my Facebook posse. Thanks to each and every one of you who liked, hearted, and wow’ed my post and left all of those kind messages! It does feel pretty amazing to tell everyone and release this puppy into the wild. Then Ashley posted it to her LinkedIn and the response there was also super pumped so that was super awesome too.

I wanted to talk launch date because there seems to be some confusion about that...

In the true fashion of a first time self-publisher, I seemed to have officially jumbled the launch dates for my book. Ooops! See, with my distributor who is handling my physical books, I got to set the date I wanted to release my book in each format.  Here is what I have confirmed so far:

Hardcover (Everywhere): September 30th

Paperback (Everywhere except Amazon): September 30th

Paperback (Amazon): Still a work in progress (Amazon’s automated file checker keeps rejecting my file for secret robot reasons that make no sense to me so now an Amazon human needs three days to check it. Stay tuned!)

Ebooks are another deal. I can’t actually remember if I had the option to set a date or not but I didn’t.  I think I was so frustrated with all of the technical revisions that once it passed I was like “HERE, TAKE IT!”. So World, eBooks are totally available for download NOW on Kindle and everywhere else eBooks are sold. It officially hit the airways on Amazon on September 23rd and hit everywhere else on September 22nd.  Geez, I wish I had marked the occasion somehow but OH WELL.

I also set up an eCommerce site on this website if you’d like to purchase directly from me.  I did this mostly for friends and family but truth be told, I’d rather you buy it from a merchant and leave a review. I don’t have the books yet in my possession but they are on-their-way so I’ll start shipping as soon as I can.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive! I can't wait for you to get the book in your hands!

Jennifer Javornik